Finding a lump or other breast problem can be very frightening experience for any woman. The radiology department at Beaumont Private Clinic is available to conduct a complete evaluation of all breast problems offering a comprehensive range of services. Mammography, breast ultrasound and image-guided breast biopsies are all performed.

Consultant radiologists with a special interest in breast imaging working closely with a team of breast surgeons are available for consultation for any woman who has an abnormal mammogram, breast cancer or worrisome signs or symptoms.

Most of the women attending the breast imaging section of the radiology department are found to be healthy. The staff act quickly to ensure that women who do not have cancer are re-assured in a timely manner while those diagnosed with cancer receive their diagnosis and treatment plan in a personal and professional setting.

Patients who are found to have breast cancer have access to the multi-disciplinary breast staff at Beaumont Private Clinic.

What preparation is required?

Mammography – No preparation is required.

Ultrasound of the Breast – No preparation is required.

Where do the results of the breast imaging studies go?

All studies are performed and reported by a consultant radiologist. The results will be sent to the referring doctor within 24 hours.

How does one make an appointment?

To make an appointment please phone 01- 837-5372.

If have any questions, contact us and our staff will be pleased to help you.