Ultrasound (US) is a sophisticated computerised system which uses harmless high frequency sound waves to produce pictures of the body. It is a safe technique and may be used to examine all areas of the body.

What does the Ultrasound scan involve?

Your ultrasound scan will be performed and reported by a consultant radiologist. You will lie down on a bed during the ultrasound examination. A small probe placed on the skin over the problem area produces the scan images.

What preparation is required?

Ultrasound of Breast or Neck or Testis or Extremity  –  No preparation is required.

Ultrasound of Abdomen –  All patients must fast for 4 hours prior to this scan.

Ultrasound of Pelvis – A full bladder is required. It is necessary to drink at least one litre of water before your appointment.

What other preparations are needed?

It is advisable to come dressed in comfortable casual clothing. For some examinations you will be asked to change into a gown.

What happens after the ultrasound scan?

Patients who have been fasting can eat and drink normally once the scan is completed. After the examination, patients may return to their usual activities.

Where do the results of the ultrasound scan go?

All studies are performed and reported by a consultant radiologist. The results will be sent to the referring doctor within 24 hours.

How does one make an appointment?

For an appointment or any queries relating to US scans, please phone 01-837-5372.