At present MRIs are performed from 5pm to 9pm.

Requests may be posted, faxed or emailed to our department. An appointment will be organised at a time convenient for the patient.

There are certain situations whereby a patient cannot undergo an MRI scan. These would include: pacemakers/defibrillators, intracranial aneurysm clips, certain cardiac valve prostheses. A full list is available on request. If you have any questions about your examination, please ask your doctor or phone us direct at 01- 837-5372. Our staff will be pleased to help you.

What does a MRI scan involve?

Having an MRI scan is very simple. Patients are asked to lie down on a bed which passes into a doughnut shaped scanner. Producing the scan pictures is complex, and there are several very powerful computers built into the machine. The MRI scanner is a very noisy machine.

What preparation is required?

No special preparation is required. Sometimes an intravenous injection of contrast dye is needed. It will be necessary to remove metallic objects such as jewellery, dentures, hearing aids etc.

What other preparations are needed?

It is advisable to come dressed in comfortable casual clothing. For some examinations you will be asked to change into a gown.

What happens after the scan?

After the examination, patients may return to their usual activities.

Where do the results of the CT scan go?

All studies will reported by a consultant radiologist. The results will be sent to the referring doctor within 24 hours.

How does one make an appointment?

For an appointment or any queries relating to MRI scans, please phone 01-837-5372.